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Making science accessible to the general public is becoming increasingly important and is gradually becoming one of the requirements of any scientifc research project funded by governments and institutions.

All members of the international scientifc community have a role to play in communicating their results and breakthroughs, from the time they are PhD students right the way through their entire research career. And this is why we have included dissemination training activities for young scientists within the framework of the 2019 Passion for Knowledge popular science festival.

A group of PhD students will engage in a series of activities aimed at enriching their experience and developing their communication skills:

  • Get to know your teacher

    Discussions with three of the guest scientists will lead students to reflect on science and its social aspects.

  • Dissemination through blogging

    PhD students will also participate in a workshop run by Cesar Tomé. The training session aims to encourage students to write a series of popular science articles on their projects, to be published on the blog the blog Mapping Ignorance, a benchmark English-language portal edited by Cesar Tomé which features news and articles on cutting-edge scientific research.

Moreover, the young scientists will also participate actively in the evening keynote talks, held in the Victoria Eugenia Theatre.

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  Thursday, 03 OCT
10:00 - 12:30 PhD Training

DIPC, San Sebastian