Convergence, Collaboration and Integration

Breaking Boundaries is a spectacle involving sculptures, dancers, sound and projections, exploring themes of crossing cultural, scientific, artistic and interpersonal boundaries. The work being created by the UK based artists Melissa Pierce Murray and Diana Scarborough, in collaboration with the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), ad hoc for the opening of Passion for Knowledge 2016.

The project has also the collaboration of Dantzagunea, and through this institution of the resident company Dantzaz, to which the professional dancers featured in the spectacle belong.

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Breaking Boundaries (2016)
By Melissa Murray and Diana Scarborough

Video, Animation and Sound:
Diana Scarborough

Scultures and Drawings:
Melissa Murray

Science Videos:
Laurence J. Young

Dancers from Dantzaz
Andrea Loyola Casado
John Ogara
Richard de Leyos

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  Tuesday, 01 OCT