Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) is a research centre located in Donostia-San Sebastián which pursues the generation of cutting-edge knowledge in physics and related disciplines. Its research areas, traditionally focused on condensed matter physics and materials science, have gradually diversified over the years to include other fields such as cosmology, quantum technology, particle physics and neurophysics.

DIPC also feels a responsibility to share scientific knowledge with the general public, as a means of contributing to economic and social progress. As well as a utilitarian instrument, science is also a tool for freedom. A scientifcally-trained and well-informed society is better able to make the complex decisions required by our rapidly changing world. Scientifc practice fosters critical thinking and dialogue, nurtures the rational exchange of ideas and promotes respect for perspectives and opinions that may differ from our own.

Science is also a key part of human culture. The generation of knowledge through science has radically changed the way we view the world and has had a profound effect on the human condition. Scientific progress forces us to think and rethink who we are and how we see the world in which we live. Science permeates other creative areas of humanity and is enriched by its contact with them. This is why we at DIPC believe that the dissemination of science cannot be separated from other branches of knowledge, and we therefore work to build bridges between our research and other activities and disciplines.

The Passion for Knowledge festival is the flagship of the intense work carried out by DIPC in the area of scientifc communication.