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Geneticist Ginés MORATA, to replace Claude COHEN-TANNOUDJI

It has been a last-minute change in the program of Passion for Knowlege 2019. Claude COHEN-TANNOUDJI will not be able to attend Donostia on the days of the festival, so instead it will be the geneticist Ginés MORATA who will offer a conference.

Ginés MORATA is a research professor at the Severo Ochoa Centre for Molecular Biology. He has worked for the past 50 years in developmental genetics, and, among other findings, it was Morata who revealed that all species of the Animal Kingdom share the same genetic architecture, and who discovered the phenomenon known as ‘cell competition’, a process by which unwanted cells are eliminated in animal tissue.

The lecture that Ginés MORATA will be giving is entitled “Biology and Society in the 21st century: the manipulation of genetic information and the future of human Society”. It is scheduled on Wednesday, 2 October, in the afternoon, at the Victoria Eugenia Theater, closing the plenary lectures session, after María MARTINÓN TORRES and Sir John PENDRY.