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Given their success in previous years, Passion for Knowledge 2019 would not be complete without a new edition of top@DIPC - Zientziarekin solasean!, the Encounters between Nobel Laureates and world-leading researchers with secondary school students that DIPC has been organising every year since 2009.

The main aim of these encounters is to foster students' interest in science and technology, and to kindle a passion for knowledge in their young minds.

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Registration September 6th
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top@DIPC in San Sebastian October 2nd
top@DIPC in Bilbao October 4th

In this 11th edition, we will schedule two encounters in San Sebastián and Bilbao. In a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, the students will have the chance to chat with top-level scientists, including various Nobel laureates, and to ask them questions directly.

Each encounter will feature three internationally renowned researchers from different fields, selected from among the P4K 2019 guest speakers, along with Pedro Miguel ECHENIQUE, who will act as moderator of the Encounters. Guest scientists will talk about their passion for science and research and will answer the questions asked by students about their lives and experiences throughout the course of their professional careers.

Meet the Invited Speakers at this year's Encounters

In San Sebastian, the invited researchers will be the astrophysicist Dame Jocelyn BELL BURNELL, the chemist Jean Pierre SAUVAGE (Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2016) and the theoretical physicist Ignacio CIRAC.

In Bilbao, the invited researchers will be: the physicist Albert FERT (Nobel Prize in Physics 2007), the paleoanthropologist María MARTINÓN and the experimental physicist Cristopher ROSSEL.

Award for the best question

The most interesting question will be awarded a prize courtesy of the companies Telefónica and EDP naturgas energia, two DIPC sponsors which will participate in the Bilbao and San Sebastián encounters, respectively. The prize seeks to arouse young people's curiosity in science, and to enrich the event itself. The winners will be announced live during the encounters.

Top@DIPC - Zientziarekin Solasean! is also sponsored by Kutxa Foundation's Eureka! Zientzia Museoa.