Praise for Science in the beginning of the festival

The day after saying goodbye to film stars, Donostia welcomed the stars of Science. The opening ceremony was carried out by Eneko Goia, mayor of Donostia; Markel Olano, General Deputy of Gipuzkoa; Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu and Pedro Miguel Etxenike, president of the DIPC. Each and every one of them extolled the importance of science, making reference to historical events of great symbolic value, and referring to the future and the optimism that science brings.
To conclude this first day of Passion for Knowledge 2019, the UPV / EHU symphony orchestra offered a performance.


The importance of goodwill

Jocelyn Bell has told the circumstances that have made Einstein's Theory of Relativity so well known. The beliefs, the good disposition, the knowledge and the respect aroused by Eddington, as well as an opportune eclipse, overcame the difficulties to understand Einstein's theory, the First World War and the generalized anti-German sentiment.
Tomorrow's program


10:00 - 11:30 Passion for Wolframium Laboratorium, Bergara
10:00 Dudley HERSCHBACH and Maria VALLET-REGí

17:30 - 19:30 Plenary lectures
17:30 Juan Ignacio CIRAC
18:10 Albert FERT
18:50 Barry BARISH

19:30 - 20:30 Ikerbasque Awards


Reflections about the scientific truth
Serge Haroche has spoken about the scientific truth. Science is more necessary than ever to face the challenges that humanity has, but it has not yet managed to protect itself from false news, conspiracy theories, etc. What can the scientific community do about all that? It is essential to explain to the public the benefits and truths of science. The scientific truth is based on the observation of natural phenomena, on the elaboration of models that explain these phenomena and predict new ones, with a permanent exchange between experiments and theories.

Exhibition of the creative process in science
Creativium is a photographic exhibition that portrays scientific creativity in an artistic-literary key. As the project coordinator, Gustavo Ariel Schwartz explains, “creative thinking is fundamental in science, but in our collective imaginary the idea of“ genius ”is misguided. The "Eureka!" moments have a lot of work behind. One of the objectives of the project is to show all the passion and effort behind scientific creativity.”
The exhibition is open to the public until October 5, at the Carlos Santamaría Center of the UPV/EHU.

Did you know...
that Jocelyn Bell was awarded in September 2018 a Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics, fifty years after discovering pulsars? Just in the moment she received the prize she announced her plan to use the money (3 million dollars) to create research studentship in physics for people from under-represented groups in Physics.
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